The CONVERGE User Conference is your chance to formally present your research and informally discuss your simulations with some of the best minds in CFD. If you wish to speak at the CONVERGE User Conference, please submit an abstract below. No written paper is required!

All presenters must register for the conference. In addition, presenters will be asked to submit their slides prior to the conference.


We’re developing an amazing lineup of speakers to share their latest work in CFD and CONVERGE. Check back regularly for updates on the list of speakers and the agenda for the event.

Bruce Vernham

Technical Director, Powertrain Engineering

Isuzu Technical Center of America

Joris Poort


Rescale, Inc

Alejandro Roldán-Alzate, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Radiology

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Schedule Overview

Tuesday-September 24
Dinner & River Cruise
Wednesday-September 25
Thursday-September 26
Friday-September 27


The following is a preliminary list of presentations

Accelerating Design Optimization Using Machine Learning and HPC

Aerodynamic Characterization of an Unmanned Aerial System via 3D CFD Simulations

CFD Modeling of Flame Spray Pyrolysis for Large-Scale Manufacturing Applications

CFD Study of TSCI with Wet Ethanol: Spray Angle Effect on Thermal Stratification

CFD-Based Feature Engineering for NOx Machine Learning Model

CI and SI Engine Applications with ECFM and ECFM3Z

Combustion System Design Optimization for a Heavy Duty Gasoline CI Engine

Enabling New Applications with CONVERGE v3.0

Fuel Effects in Multiphase Flow Modeling for SI and CI Conditions and Injectors

Investigations on Passive Pre-Chamber Ignition Device

LES of Stratified Low Temperature Combustion Engines Using CONVERGE

Numerical Modeling of Supersonic Combustion in Rotating Detonation Engines

Numerical Study of Pre-Chamber Ignition in a Gasoline Direct-Injection Engine

Parametric Studies on Axial and Radial Clearances in a Blood Pump

Potential Efficiency Improvements with Co-Optimization of Fuels and Engines

Simulation of Flame Propagation in an Annular Combustor

Spray A Modelling Using CONVERGE

State-of-the-Art in Pre-Chamber Spark-Ignition Modeling

Study of the Soot Formation in a GDI Spray Using Laser-Induced Plasma Ignition

Using Thickened Flame Model and AMR for Turbulent Combustion Modeling

What v3.0 Delivers for Aftertreatment and Gas Turbines


Abstract submissions are now closed.

Key Dates

July 16

Deadline to submit abstracts

July 22

Abstract acceptance notifications sent

August 9

Registration deadline for presenters

August 30

Deadline to submit presentation drafts

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