September 26–27, 2017


September 25, 28–29, 2017
Detroit, Michigan

Why Attend


Expand your CFD knowledge with interactive, hands-on CONVERGE training and engaging and enlightening presentations from CFD experts in a variety of fields.
While we call this event our “User Conference,” you're really much more than just a CONVERGE user. We believe that each of you is a collaborator. The UC provides an avenue for us to celebrate your successes, and it inspires us to continue to innovate in a way that best meets your CFD needs.
-Kelly Senecal
Co-Owner & Vice President
Convergent Science


Engage with our dynamic CFD community. Explore new techniques, enhancements and breakthroughs in CFD and CONVERGE. Come away inspired and with new perspective and a renewed sense of excitement for what you're passionate about—CFD.
Very well done! Explained all of the fundamentals clearly and able to answer all the questions satisfactorily. Appreciated having explicit, step-by-step instructions in the presentation materials.
Advanced CHT Training


Create vital new connections and catch up with old friends and peers in a relaxed and welcoming environment—day and night. Gourmet food and refreshments are served during breaks and at lunch. Dinner, drinks, and entertainment kick off each evening after presentations end. Everyone is welcome to attend and have a good time!
The CONVERGE User Conference is an excellent avenue to learn about state-of-the-art engine modeling research going on worldwide, and it provides an opportunity to network with others in the field.
-Dr. Sibendu Som
Lead Computational Scientist
Argonne National Laboratory