Training Overview

Get up to speed on CONVERGE with a variety of live and on-demand training courses at the 2021 Global CONVERGE User Conference! Attend our live training sessions to learn about the exciting new features in the latest major release of our software, CONVERGE 3.1.

We’re debuting on-demand CONVERGE training at this year’s CONVERGE User Conference, including an introductory course and a wide selection of advanced courses, so you can learn about CONVERGE no matter where you are in the world. To access on-demand CONVERGE training:

  1. Follow the link below to the Convergent Science Hub.
  2. Sign into an existing Hub account or register for a new account. For new registrants, it could take 1+ days for Hub access to be granted.
  3. Through your Hub account, you can access the on-demand CONVERGE training courses, download training materials, and create a free two-week license for CONVERGE and CONVERGE Studio to use during training.

Do you have a question about an on-demand training course? Do you want to learn more about CONVERGE’s modeling capabilities? Do you need some insight on a tricky simulation you’re working on? Meet one-on-one with a knowledgeable Convergent Science support engineer during office hours to ask any CONVERGE questions you have. We have a limited number of time slots available, so reserve your spot soon!