The CONVERGE User Conference is your chance to formally present your research and informally discuss your simulations with some of the best minds in CFD. If you wish to speak at the CONVERGE User Conference, please submit an abstract below. No written paper is required!

All presenters must register for the conference. In addition, presenters will be asked to submit their slides prior to the conference.

Schedule Overview

Monday-11 March
Wednesday-13 March
Thursday-14 March
Friday-15 March


We’re developing an amazing lineup of speakers to share their latest work in CFD and CONVERGE. Check back regularly for updates on the list of speakers and the agenda for the event.

Frederic Ravet

Dr Frederic Ravet

Expert in CFD simulation applied to powertrain

Renault SAS


Hugh Blaxill

General Manager and Head of Engineering Services North America (PME.US.E)

MAHLE Powertrain, LLC


Prof Henry Curran

Professor of Combustion Chemistry

NUI Galway

Preliminary List of Speakers

Employing Machine Learning & Optimization Algorithms for Piston Bowl Design

Alaz Talay, BMCPower

Modeling and Simulation of Ammonia Combustion in Spark Ignition Engines

Amer Avdic, Opel

Numerical Assessment of an Innovative Piston Bowl in a Light-duty Diesel Engine

Andrea Bianco, Powertech Engineering

A Fast Running Chemistry Solver for Engine Combustion and Emissions Simulations

Andrea Matrisciano, LOGE AB

Towards Quantitative Prediction of Urea Thermolysis in SCR Systems

Chaouki Habchi, IFP Energies nouvelles

Leveraging CONVERGE for Modeling Adjacent Applications in the Automotive Industry

David Rowinski, Convergent Science

ELSA Model Applied to Diesel and Gasoline Sprays Description

Frederic Ravet, Renault SAS

KEYNOTE | Simulation: Crucial Needs in the Automotive Industry

Frederic Ravet, Renault SAS

Accelerating Design Exploration with Rescale’s Cloud HPC Simulation Platform

Graham Russell, Rescale

KEYNOTE | Progress on Chemical Kinetic Mechanism Development

Henry Curran, NUI Galway

KEYNOTE | MAHLE Jet Ignition as an Advanced Fuel Economy Solution

Hugh Blaxill, MAHLE Powertrain, LLC

Validation Study for New Combustion Concept in Diesel Engine

Hyuckmo Kwon, Hyundai Motor

Combustion Stability Study in a Lean SI Optical Engine Using LES

Jacopo Zembi, University of Perugia

Understanding Passive Turbulent Jet Ignition Concept for Automotive Applications

Josep Gómez Soriano, CMT-Motores Térmicos

Version 3.0 Updates and What Lies Beyond

Keith Richards, Convergent Science

Numerical Investigation of Natural Gas-Diesel Dual Fuel Combustion

Lorenzo Bartolucci, University of Rome Tor Vergata

On the Behaviour of Urea on a Heated Wall. A Revealed Leidenfrost-like Regime

Louis-Marie Malbec, IFP Energies nouvelles

Large Eddy Simulation of Knocking Combustion

Max Mally, RWTH Aachen University - Institute for Combustion Engines

An Innovative In-Cylinder Aerodynamics for High Efficiency SI Engines

Olivier Laget, IFP Energies nouvelles

Effect of CNG-H2 Blends and Turbulence on EGR Tolerance in SI Engine

Prashant Goel, Politecnico di Torino

CFD as Transparent Engine Diagnostic for Spray Layout Optimization of GDI Engine

Raghavan Lakshmanan, Delphi

Towards an Integrated Workflow to Model Liquid Spray Combustion Systems

Ricardo Novella, CMT-Motores Térmicos

Technical Achievements in Gas Turbine Engines

Scott Drennan, Convergent Science

Development of an Approach for the Optimization of Direct Injection CNG Engines

Vincenzo Bevilacqua, Porsche Engineering Services GmbH

Applications of FSI and Multiphysics coupling in Large Two-stroke Marine Engines

Xingxing Huang, Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd.

Gasoline Spray Model Calibration Under Diesel Engine Like Conditions

Yohan Blacodon, ARAMCO


We are no longer accepting abstracts for the 2019 CONVERGE User Conference-Europe. If you have any questions about the abstract review process or conference registration, please contact Edith Vasquez at [email protected]

For other opportunities to present your latest work in CONVERGE, the first CONVERGE User Conference-India will take place May 13-17 in Pune and Bengaluru, and the sixth annual CONVERGE User Conference-North America will be held September 23-27 in New Orleans.

Key Dates

30 January

Submission closes

15 February

Acceptance notifications sent

01 March

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