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Each year, the CONVERGE User Conference features prominent speakers from various industries to share their expertise with the CONVERGE community. Check back regularly and subscribe to our mailing list for updates on this year’s keynote speakers.

Ing. Vincenzo Bevilacqua

Senior Expert in Engine Analysis at Porsche Engineering Services

Robert S. Levy

Chief Engineer of the Passenger Transport Research Group at Aramco Services Company

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Pitsch

Professor and Director of the Institute for Combustion Technology at RWTH Aachen University

Abstract Submission

The CONVERGE User Conference is your chance to formally present your research and informally discuss your simulations with some of the best minds in CFD. If you would like to speak at the CONVERGE User Conference, please submit an abstract below. No written paper is required! All presenters must register for the conference. In addition, presenters will be asked to submit their slides prior to the conference.

Key Dates

30 January | Deadline for submission
15 February | Abstract acceptance notifications will be sent
02 March | Conference registration deadline for presenters

Schedule Overview

Wednesday | 01 April
Thursday | 02 April
Friday | 03 April


We’ve put together an amazing lineup of speakers to share their latest work in CFD and CONVERGE. Check out the list of speakers below!

KEYNOTE | The Role of CFD in Aramco’s Future Engine Development Programs, Contributions and Challenge

Robert Levy | Aramco Services Company

Investigating the Sealing of a New Concept Rotary Engine

Savvas Savvakis | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

On Turbulent Jet Ignition: A Numerical Comparison With Standard Spark Plug in Lean Conditions

Egidio Cassone | Polytechnic University of Bari

Modeling Transient Heat Transfer in a GDI Engine Using a 3D-CHT Approach

Adele Poubeau | IFP Energies nouvelles

Numerical Investigation on Fuel Spray Characteristics in Ducted Fuel Injection

Andrea Piano | Politecnico di Torino

LES Spray Studies for Improving RANS Diesel Combustion Simulations

Vincenzo Pezza | General Motors Global Propulsion Systems

Battery Pack Simulation in CONVERGE 3.0

Tristan Burton | Convergent Science

KEYNOTE | The Use of Coupled 1D-3D Simulation in the Optimization of High-Performance SI Engines

Vincenzo Bevilacqua | Porsche Engineering Services GmbH

Numerical Assessment of Latest Generation SCR Systems Performance

Andrea Bianco | POWERTECH Engineering

Aftertreatment System Design Optimization for Hot EGR Engine Using CONVERGE CFD

Goultine Abdellah | Volvo Group

Development of a RANS Methodology for Gaseous Emission Simulation in SI Engines

Stefania Esposito | RWTH Aachen University - Institute for Combustion Engines

Update on C3 Mechanism Development

Henry Curran | NUI Galway

Technical Achievements in Gas Turbines and Aftertreatment

Scott Drennan | Convergent Science

Multi-Pulse Injection Strategy to Avoid Oil Dilution

Kai Aschmoneit | Opel Automobile GmbH

KEYNOTE | What is the Right Fuel?

Heinz Pitsch | RWTH Aachen University - Institute for Combustion Technology

An SGS Wrinkling Model for the TFM-AMR Approach in CONVERGE

Olivier Colin | IFP Energies nouvelles

Experimental Spark Geometry Analysis for CFD Spark Model Validation

Kathrin Giefer | Ford Werke GmbH

Soot Modelling Coupled with Flamelet-Based Spray Flame Simulations

Jose-Manuel Pastor | CMT-Motores Térmicos

Predicting Cycle-to-Cycle Variations Using Concurrent RANS and LES Simulations for a GDI Engine

Eric Pomraning | Convergent Science

Modeling of Combustion in Direct-Injected CNG Engines

Abhishek Deshmukh | RWTH Aachen University - Institute for Combustion Technology

Development of a Consistent Workflow for Large Gas Engines for Predictive CFD

Clemens Gößnitzer | LEC GmbH

HPC and Machine Learning – Accelerating Engine Design Process

Sibendu Som | Argonne National Laboratory

Analysis of Combustion and Emissions in an LD CI Engine Through CFD Analysis

Mirko Baratta | Politecnico di Torino

Modelling of Combustion and Knock Onset Risk in a High Performance TJI Engine

Andrea Bianco | POWERTECH Engineering

CONVERGE 3.0 Results and Looking Ahead to 3.1

Keith Richards | Convergent Science

Simulation and Optimization of the Flow Inside a Screw Compressor

James Willie | CVS Engineering GmbH

Real Surface Effects on Fuel Injection for Automotive and Aerospace Applications

Lorenzo Nocivelli | Argonne National Laboratory

Aerodynamic Characterization of an SI Engine Using LES and EMD2D

Stéphane Jay | IFP Energies nouvelles

LES Simulations in a Lean SI Optical Engine Using Thickened Flame Model

Jacopo Zembi | University of Perugia

CFD Methodology for the Development of a Passive TJI Engine System

Claudio Forte | NAIS S.r.L.

Optimization of the Combustion Chamber Geometry for CI Engine Using MOGA

Ramazan Şener | Marmara University

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Networking Events

The CONVERGE User Conferences are the largest gatherings of CONVERGE users each year. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to connect with your peers—to catch up with longtime collaborators and form new connections. We offer a host of informal networking opportunities during the conference presentation schedule, and we provide engaging evening activities designed to get attendees to mingle and share new experiences together. All networking events are complimentary.

Monday | 30 March

Welcome Reception

Connect with other CONVERGE users and unwind from traveling at this evening reception with complimentary drinks at the beautiful Maritim Hotel.

Maritim Hotel
Tuesday | 31 March

Tour + Dinner

Join us for dinner and an evening of fun at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The museum features more than 160 vehicles ranging from some of the oldest automobiles ever built to legendary racing cars and futuristic research vehicles. Transportation will be provided.

Mercedes-Benz Museum
Wednesday | 01 April


Join us at the Wichtel in Feuerbach for good food, craft beer, and great company.

Wichtel Feuerbach