September 26–28, 2023 | Online

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Discover the power of simulation at CFD23!

The 2023 CONVERGE CFD Conference (CFD23) is dedicated to showcasing innovative CFD research from engineers around the globe. Our prodigious speakers will share their latest simulation results and discuss the critical role CFD plays in developing sustainable technologies. CFD23 is the premier event for learning about current CFD trends and exploring how simulation tools can help us overcome key challenges in various industries, including energy, aerospace, biomedical, and automotive. To make CFD23 accessible to all, we are hosting the conference virtually, with both live and on-demand viewing options, and waiving all registration fees. Register for CFD23 today!


  • Wind Energy
  • ● Oil & Gas
  • ● Pumps & Compressors

The energy industry is becoming more diverse, with renewable sources such as wind, solar, and alternative fuels comprising a growing portion of the energy mix. At CFD23, find out how engineers are using CFD to improve the efficiency, reliability, and predictability of both conventional and renewable energy technologies.


  • Rockets
  • ● Gas Turbines
  • ● Alternative Fuels
  • ● Rotating Detonation Engines

Today’s aerospace industry is devoting significant research and development efforts to reduce its environmental impact, improve fuel efficiency and implement new fuels, reduce noise pollution, and investigate innovative technologies. Learn about the latest CFD research into alternative fuels, combustion efficiency and reliability, aeroacoustics, and advanced technologies like rotating detonation engines—all at CFD23.


  • Cardiovascular Flows
  • ● Medical Devices
  • ● Viral Aerosols

Simulation is a powerful, non-invasive tool that can help biomedical researchers develop medical devices, investigate treatment strategies, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. CFD23 will highlight the CFD research underway in the biomedical field and demonstrate how to take advantage of cutting-edge modeling techniques to easily handle complex biological geometries and efficiently obtain results.


  • On- and Off-Road Vehicles
  • ● Alternative Fuels
  • ● Electric Vehicle Systems

Decarbonizing light- and heavy-duty vehicles is the primary challenge of today’s automotive industry. Speakers at CFD23 will discuss their ongoing research into various solutions: alternative fuels (e.g., hydrogen, ammonia, biofuels, e-fuels), electric motors and battery systems, novel injection and combustion strategies, and the development of high-fidelity models for automotive simulations.